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American Exterior's, Inc. LogoOur Storm damage division specializes in residential and commercial roofing needs due to hail, hurricane and wind damage.

American Exterior’s trained Storm Damage Team leads the roofing industry with experience in disaster relief. Our qualified team members are trained and educated to assist and guide you through the proper insurance procedures and requirements. Free Estimate and Customer Consultations are provided to home and building owners when dealing with their insurance claims department.

At American Exteriors, we offer quality products and exceptional service at an honest price. We are Certified Shingle Installers with CertainTeed. We provide commercial customers with the most dependable and efficient roof available in today’s market. All of our products and installations can be backed by warranty programs.

Hurricane Damage Roofing Repair

Hurricane Damage Roofing Repair in Victoria Texas

We can assist your in repairing your roof after any Hurricane, we are the leading roofing repair specialist in Victoria, Texas.

Few things are as terrifing as a hurricane, and few other natural events can damage your house as one of this. But in reality most the problems after a hurricane might actually come in the long run. Roofs that have not been propertly fixed after a hurricane or any other natural dissaster might actually become a bigger treath in the future. If your family is your priority then your roof should be a concern, a damaged roof can not only damage the foundation of your home but also can incubate mold that can greatly affect the health of your most beloved.

It is always a good practice to inspect your house after a hurricane to make sure that the essential parts such as your roof have not been compromised. That is prececily why your friends at American Exteriors Roofing are here to help you throught the process to ensure that your roof is as good as new and no further damage can occour to your home after a huricane. We are your local roofing company that can fix any kind of storm damage.

When you contact us, we will inspect your roof and determine the degree of damage and help you make the right decision when choosing the method of repair. During a hurricane, the strong wind is carried down the the exterior of walls and down to the foundation, making it easier for your roofing to become compromised. If your roof sheatihing is not done right, the wind forces can greatly compromise not only your roof but also the walls and overall structure of your house, that is why hurricane damage is so dangerous for your roof.

Let us help you with all your roofing needs, we are your local hail storm and hurricane damage specialist and we can find the best solution for your roof in little or no time.


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8806 North Navarro, ste. 600U
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Hail Storm Roofing Repair in Victoria Texas

We are a locally owned company in Victoria, Texas, that specializes in hail storm roofing repair. When it comes to fixing a roof that has been heavily damaged due to hail storm or other natural disaster, we are your primary storm damage specialist.

77901 , 77902 , 77903 , 77904 , 77905 Roofing Repair Specialist

We can help you fix your roofing damage due to hail storm.

American Exteriors Roofing has a powerful team of experts that can help you find the most adequate solution whether you require an estimate, a hail storm inspection and re-inspection, and even insurance hail storm repair. Hail storm damage can be difficult to detect from the ground and sometimes it might only worsen over time. Do not let your house foundation be compromised and let the hail storm experts at American Exteriors Roofing help you find the best solution for your roof.


Are you aware that hail storm damage can greatly affect your home? If you wait too long you run the risk of:

  • Decrease the life of your roofing and sliding
  • Cause bruised shingles which turn into holes which become leaks.
  • Result in unsightly mold growing in cracks begin to leak.
  • Void your roofing and siding warranties.
  • Leave you with costly repairs and cost you more time and money if you one day choose to sell your home.

Do not let any hail storm or even a hurricane in Victoria, Texas, take away your peace of mind. Let us help you today, we serve the following areas: 77901 , 77902 , 77903 , 77904 , 77905


Victoria, TX Office Location:

8806 North Navarro, ste. 600U
Victoria, TX 77904

Phone: 361-655-1013


Storm Roofing Repair in Victoria, Texas.

Few things are as affected by a hail storm or a hurricane as your roof. Being the shield of disasters for your home, your roof might be under incredible stress and damage after a storm.

Let us help you with your storm damage roofing needs

We are the leading storm roofing repair company in Victoria, Texas.

This damage can slowly but surely complicate over time and cause all kinds of foundation issues in your house. A storm not only weakens your roof, it also has the potential of creating points of leakage that might allow humidity and mold to build upon your roof affecting not only the physical structure of your house but also threatening your family’s health.

That is why after the most recent storm in Victoria, Texas, your friends at American Exteriors Roofing Company took it upon themselves to provide the most accurate, fast, and convinient roofing service for all houses affected by any storm in Victoria, Texas.

We are your leading roofing repair authority when it comes to:

We serve the following zip codes within the Victoria, Texas, area: 77901 , 77902 , 77903 , 77904 , 77905

Give us a call today and discover why we are the only roofing repair company that you will ever need for all your storm repair needs in Victoria, Texas.


Victoria, TX Office Location:

8806 North Navarro, ste. 600U
Victoria, TX 77904

Phone: 361-655-1013

77901 , 77902 , 77903 , 77904 , 77905 Roofing Repair Specialist

Hailstorm in Katy

January 9th, 2012, Katy was hit by a hailstorm! You have most likely received damage to your roof.

Contact us at 281-693-7663 (ROOF) to get a FREE roof inspection!

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