Roofing Services FAQs

Roofing Services Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does American Exteriors Roofing carry insurance?
A: Yes, we do. All roofing companies are REQUIRED to carry at least a 1 million dollar policy. If they don’t, don’t use them.

Q: Does the roofing company offer training programs for the sales dept. and installers?
A: Yes, we offer and always have industry reps coming in training our employees.

Q: Are the installers your employees or day laborers?
A: Our installers are OUR employees. Day laborers are not preferred since their work CANNOT be warrantied.

Q: Is the company involved in the communities that you work in? (Little league, church events, benefits, Chamber of Commerce, etc…)
A: We are members of our churches, coaches of little league teams in Katy and Needville, and members of Fort Bend Central Chamber of Commerce.

Q: Does your company have a legitimate office? (Not our house of our trucks)
A: Yes we do! We are located at 3727 Greenbriar Drive, Suite 400, Stafford, Texas 77477

Q: Is the roofing company certified with any shingle manufacturers?
A: We are certified with Certainteed who manufactures¬† top quality shingles. We proudly carry their title as “Select Shingle Master”

Q: Is the roofing company financially secure to purchase shingles without the customer putting money down?
A: We have several suppliers that we buy material from. Our top 2 are : Southern Shingles and ABC Roofing Supply. Feel free to contact them to check our current status with them!

Q: Does the customer have to put money up front up front on the job?
A: NEVER give over money or a signed check to ANY roofing company before a contractor is signed and the amount of the job is agreed by you and the roofing company. GET A COPY OF THE CONTRACT FOR YOUR RECORDS!

Q: Does the roofing company hand nail or gun nail the roofs?
A: We can do either! It’s the customer’s decision because it’s YOUR house!

Q: Are your company’s inspections free?
A: ALL roofing companies do free hail and wind inspection. NEVER pay anyone for that service. We will even tarp your house for free in the event that it’s leaking before we can do the repairs.

Q: Does the roofing company have structural engineer available to inspect our roof when finished in case our insurance asks for it?
A: YES WE DO have a structural engineer who works out of Spring, TX that is available for inspections.

Q: Does the customer have to do any insurance paperwork other than the initial call to file the claim?
A: We start at the beginning of the job and work for you until the end of the job to make sure the insurance company pays for the damages. We will do ALL of the necessary paperwork so you are not bothered with it!

Q: Who makes the decisions on the schedule of when to put the roof on?
A: You the CUSTOMER makes the decisions on when the roof is going to be put on. We will ask you what works best for you. YOU are in control!

Q: Who are your business partners so I can verify you are a legitimate roofing company?
A: We have and continue to work with the following service and manufacturers /

Call us if you have any other questions that we may have failed to list in our FAQ section! THANK YOU!

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