Hail Storms Hit Houston! Do You Need A Roof Inspection or Roof Repair?


A number of strong storms moved through the Houston area in the last few weeks, several of which brought hail along with them. Residents in Tomball reported seeing 2-inch hail come down in spurts during the afternoon hours. The most recent reported Texas hailstorm produced 11 tornadoes and softball size hail in a 100 mile stretch from Rising Star to Cleburne in north central Texas. Estimated losses from automobiles are expected to hit $65 million from this storm and losses from damaged homes and businesses are expected to be even higher.

Did your area experience hail damage? It’s important for homeowners to take a close look at their roofs because damage is not always visible from the ground. Don’t wait until your roof leaks to call a roofing company. Call now and have an experienced roofing contractor come out and do a professional roof inspection. American Exteriors specializes in roofing inspections, roofing repair, and if necessary, complete roof replacements. Roof inspections for both residential roofing services and commercial roofing services are free. So why wait? Contact us to schedule your roof inspection today!

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